I build conversion-focused websites for solopreneurs, so they can get leads & make sales.

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Digital psychologist Annika Wirth sitting by the water

Hello, friend!

I’m Annika, the one-women-show behind this design studio. I focus on doing only one thing really well: building strategic WordPress Websites that get results. 

After looking at thousands of websites online, I got frustrated with seeing so many unstrategic ”just designed to be pretty” websites that hurt businesses rather than help them. 

The problem is that most websites miss an essential ingredient – a strategy based on your business goals and infused with the knowledge of human decision making. I decided to use my psychology background to fill this gap. 

By using digital psychology principles in combination with goal-oriented design, I build websites that actively support your goals and convert browsers into leads or sales. 

I believe that your website should be a strategic marketing tool and a 24/7 salesperson for your business.

Annika did an excellent job!

Her professionalism and her design skills are what makes her stand out. Our webpage is easy to use, customer friendly and has definitely helped us improve our relationship with our clients. Annika was always on time with deliveries and really surprised us with her out-of-the box thinking. The psychology background that she provides towards the design of the webpage is absolutely terrific!

Ricardo Vicencio, Co-founder Sightseeing Lisbon

The Website Experience

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Are you struggling to turn more of your website visitors into leads, sales or paying customers? We can work together to perfect your website messaging in a way that draws people in and design a website around a strategy that persuades people to take action! 

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