Hi, I’m Annika.

I Combine The Insights of Psychology with the Power of Strategy to Build Websites That Work



I believe every website should have clear messaging and a strong value proposition at its foundation. That’s why every design projects starts with getting clear on your businesses model, your messaging and the goals for your website. 



I use a psychology-driven approach to design, implementing psychological principals to boost conversion rates.  Understanding what makes people act the way they do helps me in designing intuitive, effective websites that can help your business achieve its goals.  



The most beautiful and functional website won’t help your businesses if it can’t be found. I include SEO principles within my designs from day one, and make sure every website I build is optimised to rank in search engines.

Want to know how this approach can help you succeed ?

We are a great team if...

  • You are struggling to get enough leads, sign-ups or sales from your current website.
  • You are looking to get a custom web presence that is unique and sets you apart from your competitors.
  • You want a website that is set up and build with SEO in mind.
  • You are blogger, entrepreneur or small business owner who is driven by creating a positive impact in this world.
Portrait of Annika sitting on a table with her laptop

A Little Bit More About Me

By chance I came across a mini online course on learning how to code and I was immediately hooked! After completing the course I continued to soak up all the information I could find on coding, WordPress and design, while also finishing my masters degree in psychology. I quickly realised that the two fields of web design and psychology perfectly complemented each other! Applying behavioural insights to design is incredibly powerful and provides a perfect starting point for better conversion rates.

On a more personal note: I love to dance, believe that Friends is the best TV show ever made and am a total dog person! 

I want to help you create a bigger impact in this world by giving you a website that is build to convert. 

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