Sightseeing Lisbon

Web Design & Development (HTML & CSS) 

Sightseeing Lisbon is a sustainable tourism startup, aiming to enable tourists to give back to the city they visit and have an effortless stay at the same time.

The goal of the website redesign was to make it easier for future visitors to get in touch, select a tour of their liking and book with Sightseeing Lisbon.

To achieve this, we placed a clear “book now” call to action on the homepage, under each tour description and in the main menu. We also clearly stated the unique selling points on the homepage, giving site visitors more motivation to inquire about a tour. 

Tools used: Adobe XD, HTML & CSS

Color & Type

The color palette was inspired by the city of Lisbon and the colors that can be seen when strolling through the city on one of the offered tours.

The color psychology behind blue (trust) and orange (joy & excitement) furthermore supported the choice for this palette.

ssl color and type

Web Design

ssl homepage design
sightseeing lisbon inner page designs

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